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At Last a Snooker, Pool, Cue Sports, Website That Allows you to Follow All Types of UK Snooker, Pool, Cue Sports, No Politics, Just Pot as Many Balls as you can as well as News, Events And Information.

The game of Snooker, Pool, Cue Sports in general, it’s a hobby, it’s a profession, it’s an addictive sport that grabs you at every level, whether you are a pub player on a Thursday night, County player with ambitions of the big time or you are one of the talented few who make it to the big stage, or you realise that maybe you’re not quite as good as you thought you were. We all love the game, millions of us sat up in 1985 to watch the World Snooker Championship final, also known as the black ball final. Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor battled into the early hours to win the title, what a night that was with an estimated 18.5 million viewers on the edge of our seats.

🎱 Snooker – The Cue Sport of gentlemen, we all aim for the magical 147, we keep aiming.
🎱 World Rules – The DF a bone of contention, the only sport where a foul gains an advantage.
🎱 Blackball – The skill shot, just a way to get out of trouble when you don’t know what to do.
🎱 9 Ball – A difficult game to master and not as easy as it looks, even with those pockets.
🎱 Billiards – Cue sports in general, including pool, carom billiards, snooker, etc. Which is best?

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